Barnet Sling Library was set up in 2014 to support parents in Barnet, North West London to learn how to use slings safely, comfortably and with confidence.  Selina began the sling library after her own experience of slings making such a difference to her own parenting journey and recovery from Postnatal Depression.

We also work with the local community and health care professionals to raise awareness of the many benefits of using slings and the importance of doing this safely.

Selina is a trained, experienced and insured Sling Consultant supported by a lovely team of trained and experienced volunteer peer supporters!

Our aim is to:

- Help parents choose the right sling for them and their child and learn how to use it safely and comfortably

- Provide parents and professionals up to date information about slings and sling safety

- Promote the importance of using slings safely

- Educate families and the wider community about slings and the emotional and physiological reasons for carrying     children in slings

- Raising awareness of the benefits of slings for families experiencing perinatal mental health 

We keep up to date with changes in the sling world and keep our knowledge and skills refreshed continuously