Barnet Sling Library is a not for profit organisation set up in 2014 to support parents in North West London to learn how to use slings safely, comfortably and with confidence. We also work with the local community and health care professionals to raise awareness of the many benefits of using slings and the importance of doing this safely.

The sling library was set up by Selina, who is a trained, experienced and insured Sling Consultant runs it with her husband Matt, supported by a team of trained and experienced volunteer peer supporters who are all hugely passionate about slings (find out more about the team here). 

Our aim is to:
- Help parents choose the right sling for them and their child and learn how to use it safely and comfortably

- Provide parents and professionals up to date information about slings and sling safety

- Promote the importance of using slings safely (find out more here)

- Educate families and the wider community about slings and the emotional and physiological reasons for carrying children in slings (find out more about this here)

- Raising awareness of the benefits of slings for families experiencing perinatal mental health (find out more about this here)

We keep up to date with changes in the sling world and keep our knowledge and skills refreshed continuously.

Meet the Team


Selina is the founder and Director of the sling library. She is mum to her daughter, a trained and certified Sling Consultant with Slingababy (link) and Je Porte Mon Bebe (link) and a member of the British Association of Babywearing Instructors. She has many years of hands on experience of supporting parents to learn how to use slings, as well her own personal experience of carrying her daughter, including through her recovery from Postnatal Depression. Selina manages and co-ordinates the sling library on a voluntary basis, as she is hugely passionate about ahring the many benefits of slings with parents. She also supports families through meditation and mindfulness and is a doula - you can find out more about Selina here.


Matt has many years of personal experience of carrying his daughter in a range of sling types since she was a just few weeks old and still continues to carry her now, he is also a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter. Matt supports dads (and mums!) at sling library sessions, as well as managing all the admin at our fortnightly drop in sessions. Behind the scenes he helps to manage the sling library. Behind the scenes he helps Selina manage the sling library, he is responsible for technical aspects including website design/maintenance and all IT related matters.


Sadie is an experienced babywearer, she has carried her daughter from an early age and is also a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter, she supports parents who come with her many years of sling experience and knowledge. Sadie is also a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and supports mums across Barnet through support groups and home visits.


Natalie is a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter, as well as having carried her 2 children for many years. She has a real passion for slings and supporting mums. She is also a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and supports mums across Barnet through support groups and home visits.


Lydia is a happy fun outgoing mother of 3 amazing girls 9, 5 and 4 who are all amazing and unique in there special ways, and has carried them all using a variety of carrier's over the years. Lydia really enjoy being part of the sling library, as it really means something to her to be able to pass on the knowledge she has to parents who might need it and just be on hand to have a chat.


Natasha is mum to 2 gorgeous girls, a trained Peer Supporter with experience carrying her daughters. Natasha loves all slings, but her passion lies with woven wraps, so much so that she set up her own woven wrap company in 2016 called Liora Rae Wovens! Natasha loves supporting parents who come to the sling library.